Diadem Evolution

Diadem Evolution

Diadem Evolution

Diadem Evolution is a circular section monofilament made of polyamide with a low friction silicone coating.

The peculiarity of the Evolution is the construction material, polyamide, which unlike traditional polyester gives the string elasticity and reactivity comparable to multifilaments.

Evolution is available on the market with 3 colour variants (black, electric blue and natural) and 3 calibre variants (1.25, 1.30 and 1.35 mm).

The approximate price for the 12-metre reel is about 10 euro and for the 200-metre reel about 150 euro.

On court

As previously mentioned, the Diadem Evolution is a very particular and interesting monofilament.

The polyamide composition makes the Evolution experience very similar to a high-end monofilament.

The high reactivity of the Evolution guarantees an excellent resilience peak and returned power, more accentuated in the version with caliber 1.25.

Very comfortable and elastic in both calibres tested (1.25 and 1.30), the Evolution is in fact an excellent alternative to the traditional multifilament or synthetic filament.

The Evolution adapts to different categories of tennis players, from juniors looking for free power to seniors who will appreciate the comfort and high dynamic performance. Excellent also in hybrid (in substitution to the traditional multifilaments or synthetic filaments) for a more competitive and effects oriented setup.

The tension holding is at excellent levels, especially in version 1.30, which allows you to bring the string to break or at least to ensure at least 20 hours of play.

Spin and control are at acceptable levels considering the behaviour of the string comparable to a multifilament. As previously written, by hybridizing with “classic” monos, you can obtain more in terms of grip and control while losing something from the point of view of power and comfort.

Below is a comparative graph of the two gauges tested produced using the tool “Compare Strings”, available by subscribing to the GOLD subscription of Stringingpedia.

Diadem Evolution

Test setups

The tests were performed by stringing the Diadem Evolution on:

  • Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore (caliber 1.30 pulled to 24 kg)
  • Head Graphene Touch Speed S (gauge 1.25 pulled to 21.5 kg)
  • Head Graphene 360 Speed MP (gauge 1.30 pulled to 23 kg)
  • Tecnifibre ATP TFight 315 XTC (gauge 1.25 pulled to 22 kg)


The Diadem Evolution is a new concept of monofilament, composed of polyamide, which behaves very similar to a multifilament.

It stands out for its returned power, comfort and tension holding, which makes it playable for up to 20 hours of play.

Excellent in hybrid with “classic” mono to increase the level of spin and control of the stringbed.

Popular with many tennis players: the Evolution moves less than the multis and tends to return to its original position.

We thank HMA Sport (in the person of Marco Chivilò) for the concession of the strings that we used in our tests.