Diadem Nova 100

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Technical data sheet

The Diadem Nova 100 comes with a 100 square inch stringbed and a 16×19 string pattern that returns a lot of power and allows excellent access to rotations. The weight of the unstrung racket is 300 grams with a balance of 320 millimeters.

Stringbed100 sq. in.
Weight (unstrung)300 g
Balancing (not strung)320 mm
Detected stiffness69 ra
Profile23.5 mm constant
String pattern16×19
Impact Shield Technology

The frame, as also reported in the Elevate review, features Impact Shield Technology (IST), which consists of the injection of proprietary foam into the neck and stems. This new technology strengthens the frame and at the same time allows the absorption of negative impact vibrations acting as a shield (hence the name of the technology) to protect the arm.

The grip is available from size L1 to size L4.

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