Diadem Solstice Power


Diadem Solstice Power

The Diadem Solstice Power is a competitive monofilament based on polyester with high performance and “universal” behaviour.

The distinctive feature of the string is certainly the shape of the “star” section and named by Diadem as Star Core Technology.

Particular also the azure color that makes the Solstice characteristic and easily recognizable.

It is available in sizes 1.15, 1.20, 1.25, 1.30 and 1.35 mm that make the Solstice attractive to several types of tennis players.

The approximate price for the 12-metre reel is about 13 euro and for the 200-metre reel about 180 euro.

On court

The Solstice Power is a string with “linear” behavior that achieves high performance in all characteristics without excelling or sinning in any of them.

They are at high levels of both power and resilience peak, especially in smaller gauges. It is not a free power and to be generated needs to have decisive impacts on the ball. If you have a good arm and technique, the Solstice will certainly not disappoint on the returned power!

Excellent aptitude for control and generation of rotations more marked in the versions with larger gauge. The particular “star” section increases the grip on the ball and facilitates the snapback favoring and increasing in fact the ability to generate rotations. The ball coming out of the stringbed is rather “heavy” but always under control.

The tension hold is very good in the larger gauges and allows you to make the most of the rope for about 10 hours. In the smaller gauges, as is normal, this characteristic is less appreciable but is still in the average of the segment, about 7 hours of play.

As expected given the segment to which it belongs, the Solstice Power is not a particularly comfortable string but not even too rigid. We can say it’s the right balance between power, control, spin and comfort.

Below is a comparative graph of the four gauges tested produced using the tool “Compare Strings”, available by subscribing to the GOLD subscription of Stringingpedia.


Test setups

The tests were performed by stringing the Solstice Power on:


The Diadem Solstice Power is a string of substance, a real all-around with level performance in all respects.

The larger gauges are excellent when mounted on generous stringbed with open patterns that will emphasize the already excellent aptitude of the Solstice Power to power (under control) and to the generation of rotations.

The small gauges, on the other hand, are perfectly suited to “classic” frames with a small stringbed (I tested the 115 on a Blade 93) that will benefit from the control and the power returned by the Solstice.

We thank HMA Sport (in the person of Marco Chivilò) for the concession of the strings that we used in our tests.