Dyreex Nerve


Dyreex Nerve

Today we’re talking about the Nerve, the all-rounder from the French company Dyreex.

This is a round section copolyester monofilament with a rough surface designed to increase grip on the ball.

The Nerve is offered in a fluorescent yellow colour and commercialized with a calibre of 1.25 mm.

The price is competitive: about 7 euro for the 12-metre reel and 75 euro for the 200-metre reel.

On court – The pros

On court, the Dyreex Nerve is a balanced string with a natural attitude to spin generation.

Access to the rotations is in fact facilitated by the rough surface of the string, which allows you to “bite” firmly the ball, and the good effect of snapback that characterizes the Nerve.

The spin then becomes one of the strengths of this string along with the power and the peak resilience.

The power perceived during the shot is good and the response is elastic and reactive. The result is a good ball depth without having to reach too far.

The stringbed is elastic and lively, guaranteeing not only an excellent level of comfort, but also a “full” impact when the ball comes out of the stringbed.

The string has a rather low stiffness that, as mentioned earlier, increases the comfort and allows you to keep the stringbed nice reactive especially if you maintain tensions of stringing medium-low (21 – 25 kg).

On court – The cons

The elasticity and “softness” of the Nerve, while providing comfort and liveliness to the stringbed, penalize the string in terms of control of strokes and tension holding. This behaviour causes the performance to decay after the sixth hour of play.

The elastic effect that characterises the Nerve and guarantees it a certain liveliness during the life cycle of the string plays slightly against control. Especially in low-covered shots, the “slingshot effect” is perhaps too evident, with the consequent risk of losing control.

Who it is indicated for

The results of on court test show that the Nerve is a versatile string suitable for different types of tennis players.

It is certainly better suited to a game “rolled up”, or otherwise covered, that allows you to make the most of the spin and power of the Nerve.

In relation to its low stiffness, the Nerve can be recommended both to a young players (for example under 14) and to a senior players. Indicated for example to young agonists who begin to have problems of frequent breakage with multifilaments.

Testing setups

The tests were performed by stringing the Nerve on:



The Dyreex Nerve is an all-around, versatile and lively string that adapts to a variety of tennis players. Good power generation and spin.

Soft and elastic, it has a life cycle of about 6 hours.

For instrumental measurements and further information, please refer to the Stringpedia test page, a portal totally dedicated to the world of tennis strings!

We thank Dyreex and its Italian distribution (Sports Corner by Gianluca Locci) for the concession of the strings that we used in our tests.