Head Graphene 360 Speed MP


Head Graphene 360 Speed MP

The Head Graphene 360 Speed MP introduces itself with new technical specifications and an updated graphic look.

The racket sponsored by Alexander Zverev, winner of the Nitto ATP Finals 2018, features the new Graphene 360 technology that reinforces the key areas of the frame reducing the risk of twisting on impact with the ball and ensures better stability to the frame.

Technical data sheet

The Speed MP presents a classic 100 square inch stringbed with an unstrung weight of 300 grams.

Compared to its predecessor, it has a slightly increased profile, 23mm constant, and more horizontal string spacing.

This larger spacing increases the stringbed’s ability to generate power and spin, which is already good thanks to the 16×19 pattern.

The balance with the frame not strung is 32 cm and the stiffness is around 63 ra, a feature that emphasizes the feeling in the impact with the ball.

Head size100 sq. in.
Weight (not strung)300 g
Balancing (not strung)320 mm
Swingweight317 kgcmq
Detected stiffness63 ra
Profile23 mm / 23 mm / 23 mm
String pattern16×19

The aesthetics

The frame is characterized by a simple and modern asymmetric design where the white and black semi-gloss are the masters.

The stringbed is completely black with carbon fiber inserts clearly visible in the head of the racket that enhance the design.

The “Head” inscription on the inside of the stringbed is white, as is the Speed inscription, which is surrounded by grey inserts.

The “MP” silkscreen print, clearly visible in the centre of the head of the stringbed, is metallic silver and superimposed on the carbon fibre insert creates modern and attractive reflections.

Black gives way to white, which is also semi-gloss, asymmetrically on the stems that connect the stringbed to the handle.

The “Speed” silkscreen print is also present on the stems, this time black with grey contours.

Personally, I find very appropriate the new graphics of the Speed MP that makes it easily distinguishable and well characterized.

On court – The pros

The new Speed MP impresses with a feeling that comes back from the first shots.

The moderate stiffness (63 ra) makes the frame comfortable and its structure, with the addition of carbon fibres, favours a better transmission of the sensations of play to the tennis player who holds it.

As mentioned above, the increased profile and the increased spacing of the horizontals mean that the frame is particularly oriented to rotations, favored by the snapback effect of the strings guaranteed by the “open” pattern of the plate (16×19).

The wide stringbed make the Speed MP very attractive also in terms of returned power.

Very stable and effective in closing strokes, especially the slightly covered right along the line comes out of the stringbed which is a pleasure.

Reliable in the game from the bottom of the field, allows you to manage the rallies with authority and safety by creating precise parables and full of effect.

Even on the net, it performs well thanks to the manageability and stability that characterizes the Speed MP (especially in relation to the low weight of 300 g not strung).

Excellent in all service variants.
The first flat service is powerful and precise and the slice and kick generate interesting and difficult trajectories for opponents.
Especially the kick, if you have a good leg, generates a ball that jumps very high creating several problems in response.

On court – The cons

I didn’t like the back very much because I never managed to play it aggressively. The ball tends to jump high, making the back more defensive than offensive.

Even the backhand, in my one-handed case, didn’t excite me.
To find the right depth of the ball in this fundamental requires adaptation and the right setup ropes otherwise the shot is short and easily attacked.

Who it is indicated for 

The Speed MP is a frame that adapts to multiple styles of play even though it makes the most of the hand in offensive players from the bottom of the court.

Given the stringbed (100 sq. in. with 16×19 pattern) and the weight (300 g naked), now standard on the market, can be used by players of different categories as long as it has a good arm.

The strings

I tested the Speed MP with the following strings and tensions:


The new Speed MP is an improved frame compared to previous versions in terms of spin and power.

Good comfort and stability, the Speed MP winks at the bottom of the court strikers who like to control the game and closes the gap with a nice winner.

The new clean and modern graphics are much appreciated, making it easily recognizable and giving it a strong identity.

Great sensations returned from the setup with Hawk Touch 1.25 pulled to 21 kg that emphasize the spin and control skills of the Speed MP.

We would like to thank Tennis Fun Bologna and Universo Tennis for granting us the frame we used in our tests.