Head Hawk Touch


Head Hawk Touch

We start the 2019 with the review of the Head Hawk Touch, strings used by Alexander Zverev, winner of the last edition of the “tournament of masters” (Nitto ATP Finals) held in November.

Hawk Touch is a round section competitive monofilament based on Crystal Core technology with a flexible molecular crystal structure core covered with a solid coating.

It is available on the market in three sizes of diameter (1.15, 1.20 and 1.25 mm) and in the anthracite and red colours.

The cost for a 12-metre reel is about 25 euros, while for a 120-metre reel it costs about 120 euros.

On court

The Hawk Touch is a “soft” version of the traditional Hawk and inherits its ability to control, spin generation and tension holding.

It is in fact a string with a marked orientation to control that ensures excellent management of shots especially if played with adequate rotation.

Excellent access to the rotations that promote the execution of “heavy balls” and complicated management by the opponent.

Being quite versatile string are suitable for both a game made of “extreme rotations” and a more traditional game and only slightly “covered”.

Good in terms of power when tickled by strong movements produced by experienced and well-trained arms.

Also the tension hold is at very high levels and allows you to enjoy the characteristics of the string for about 10/12 hours of play.

Average comfort in the competitive monofilament segment.

From the instrumental tests made by the Stringingpedia team, the recommended tension range for gauge 1.25 (the one used for our field tests) is between 17 and 21 kg while the maximum resilience range is between 15 and 19 kg.


I had no problems with the stringing.

Test setups

Tests were performed by stringing the Hawk Touch Head on:


The Head Hawk Touch is a competitive monofilament designed for an experienced and well-trained audience.

It is a string designed for control and rotations with an excellent tension hold that guarantees top use for about 10 hours.

Excellent choice for tournament players who will be able to exploit and appreciate the characteristics of high level.

We thank Tennis Fun Bologna and Universo Tennis for the concession of the ropes we used in our tests.