HighString Zeus


HighString Zeus

Today we know another Italian brand specializing in tennis strings: HighString. The brand is owned by Federico Desi, a tennis master and well-known stringer.

Specifically, we will analyze the HighString Zeus, fourth generation monofilament based on co-polyester with a round section. It is marketed in black and in sizes 1.20, 1.25, 1.30 and 1.35 mm.

The price is very competitive: about 6 euro for the 12-metre reel and 85 euro for the 200-metre reel.

The graphic design of the packaging deserves special mention, as it is very accurate and modern. Also on the back are the results of the pro-t-one and Stringingpedia tests and in particular the recommended tension range, since I think it is extremely useful and important to disclose.

On court – The pros

On court, you just need a little time to understand the strengths of Zeus: spin and control at the highest levels … but not for everyone at least in the thickest gauges. The string, to maximize its potential, must be solicited by strong and decisive strokes able to trigger the best return in terms of rotations. Under these conditions you can generate extremely “heavy” and deep shots without losing the control. The progressive plasticization in fact makes that the player always has the maximum confidence in the execution of the shots. “Heavy”, deep and “controlled” shots: a godsend for the modern competitive tennis player!

The speech made for access to rotations should also be made for the power and resilience peak. In order to activate power and speed you must in fact be in possession of a lot of technique and a good trained arm. Thanks to the excellent control returned, already described above, the Zeus allows you to enter the “full arm” and impact the ball with violence and without losing control.

There are also good levels of tension holding that allows the Zeus to be playable for about 12 hours. Definitely an excellent result when compared to the average duration of the segment of “strong” monofilament.

On court – The cons

Being a monofilament intended for a competitive audience, it does not shine for comfort. In fact, the Zeus is a “tough” and rather rigid string, designed for well-trained arms that know how to stress it properly.

Who it is indicated for

The Zeus is a perfect string for the powerful player who makes spins the focus of his game. When mounted on profiled frames and with an “open” string pattern, it becomes a real “spin machine”.

Mounted at low tensions can also be used and appreciated by players with less competitive ambitions, but the gaming experience will not be the same.

Much more “human” is the version with a smaller gauge (1.20 mm) that is appreciated even by more “amateur” players as long as they maintain low stringing tensions (between 18 and 22 kg).

Testing setups

The tests were performed by stringing the HighString Zeus on:


The HighString Zeus is a modern monofilament string totally oriented to spin and control designed for a competitive audience. To be “triggered” it needs powerful and decisive strokes.

The version with the smallest gauge (1.20 mm) is more “human”.

For instrumental measurements and further information, please refer to the Stringingpedia test page, a web portal totally dedicated to the world of tennis strings!

We thank HighString (in the person of Federico Desi) who provided us with the strings for our tests.