Infinite Strings Soft Spin

Infinite Strings Soft Spin

Infinite Strings

Today we are discovering a new tennis string brand: Infinite Strings.

The Infinite brand is owned by Marco Chivilò, already known by many as the owner of HMA Sport and Italian distributor of brands such as Donnay, Mantis and Diadem.

Infinite strings are currently grouped into 3 groups (Alfa, Beta e Gamma series) for a total of 8 macro string models.

As a first approach to the new brand I decided to mount a string of the “Beta” segment, the Soft Spin.

The string

Inifinite Soft Spin is a hexagonal co-polyester monofilament with a special surface finish and multiple annealing heat treatment, characterised by low static stiffness (0.57 kg/mm for gauge 1.25 mm).

The string is available in 3 sizes: 1.20 (grey colour), 1.25 and 1.30 (black colour for both) millimetres.

The approximate cost of a 200-metre reel is about 100 euros, while for a single 12-metre reel the cost is about 10 euros.

On court

We tested the Soft Spin in all available gauge variants, i.e. 1.20, 1.25 and 1.30 mm.

For all gauges, the strengths of the Soft Spin are their power capability, ease of spin generation and the outstanding comfort of the monofilaments.

The string, as mentioned before, is in fact characterized by a very low static stiffness (0.35 kg/mm for the 120 calibre, 0.57 kg/mm for the 125 and 0.4 kg/mm for the 130) which gives a special feeling to this tinkering and makes it very gentle with the joints of the arm.

Excellent access to the rotations favored by a high snapback effect and the marked progressive plasticization that place the Soft Spin in the top positions of a hypothetical virtual ranking of spin strings.

Very good return in terms of power (especially in the caliber 120).
Strung at low-medium tensions, they allow you to find depth of field in a simple way and without having to “reach out” much.

They are not control strings (in the best case, the 125 version) and require a certain ball coverage in order not to go too long in the trajectories.

The tension holding of the Soft Spins is rather limited and allows the string’s peculiar properties to be maintained for about 5 hours of play (about an extra hour for the 130 gauge version).
We recommend the application of a pre-strech to stabilize the behaviour of the string and slightly lengthen its life.

Below is a comparative chart produced using the “Compare Strings” tool, available by subscribing to the GOLD subscription of Stringingpedia.
Infinite Strings Soft SpinTest setups

The tests were performed by stringing the Infinite Soft Spins up:

  • Donnay Formula 100 Pentacore Red (gauge 120 pulled to 24kg)
  • Donnay Formula 100 Pentacore Black Edition (125 gauge pulled to 22kg with 10% pre-strech)
  • Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore (130 gauge pulled to 21.5kg with 10% pre-strech)
  • Wilson Blade 98 16×19 Amplifeel (120 gauge pulled to 23kg with 10% pre-strech)


Infinite Soft Spin are strings that are characterized by their aptitude for power, ease in generating rotations and comfort.

Excellent in both fullbed and hybrid are a very interesting solution for all those who suffer from joint problems but who prefer the performance and feel typical of polyester tinkering.

Try it also in a mono-mono hybrid solution, for extreme power and rotation, using different gauges between vertical and horizontal ropes.

After all, we are facing a new brand of strings that will not disappoint fans and professionals!

We thank HMA Sport (in the person of Marco Chivilò) for the concession of the strings that we used in our tests.