Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 3


Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 3

The Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 3 is a tennis shoe designed for the player looking for great stability and strength.

They are available in CC (Clay Court) models, designed for limestone on clay courts, and AC (All Court), which adapts to multiple playing surfaces and in three colour variants: white/blue, blue/blue and shaded blue/green lime.

The Wave Intense Tours are based on the following technologies:

  • Mizuno Wave: Wave soles provide a better distribution of the shock wave at the time of impact with the ground, thus ensuring an ideal balance between excellent cushioning and effective stability
  • Double Fan Wave Shape: Wave technology that provides excellent stability by using the “double fan” wave shape, more durable
  • Premium Insock: High quality removable insole for comfort and cushioning
  • AP+: rebounding elastomer in the sole for improved dynamism, cushioning, comfort and durability
  • X10: X10 is a rubber that increases the abrasion resistance of the outer sole and provides greater traction to the heel. X10 is positioned in the areas where abrasion is most important
  • 3D-SOLID: a unique upper that offers a higher level of comfort and durability while maintaining breathability.

On court

The Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 3 is a sturdy and extremely stable shoe, especially when it comes to lateral movements.

They offer excellent foot support on changes of direction and guarantee a rapid response on restarts.

The heel cushioning is also excellent, transmitting comfort to the foot and allowing it to restart with agility on the next ball.

Comfort is also ensured by a premium mid-sole consisting of two layers of cushioning that allow you to reduce shocks at the time of impact with the ground.

The fit is very comfortable and allows the use of the Wave Intense Tour for extended periods of time without tiring the foot too much.

Another positive note is certainly the durability of the shoe. Currently I have been using the Wave Intense Tour 3 for 4 months (with a frequency of about 10/15 hours of play per week) on different surfaces and the shoes are still in excellent condition both aesthetic and functional.

The Wave Intense Tour 3 is suitable for “sturdy” tennis players who love wide-plan and well cushioned shoes.

They fit slightly plentiful. I fit the 44.5 but for this model would also fit the 44.


The Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 3 is a very good quality shoe with a very good price/performance ratio.

Excellent cushioning system that allows a prolonged use of the shoe without tiring the foot too much.

Stability and durability at excellent levels!