MSV Co Ultra 1.30

MSV Co Ultra 130

The string

The MSV Co Ultra is a circular section monofilament composed mainly of polyester and has a special coating that allows the strings to move faster (snapback).

The Co Ultra are sold in black in sizes 1.20, 1.25 and 1.30 mm.

The cost of a 200-meter reel is about 80 euros.

We recommend stringing them at low to medium tensions with a recommended range of between 16 and 22 kg (depending on the frame on which they will be mounted).

On Court

The strength of the Co Ultra 1.30 is undoubtedly the access to the rotations.
The spin potential is very high and facilitated by an excellent snapback.
The shape of the strings ensures a good grip on the ball.
Excellent resilience peak and ball weight as long as you hit with decision.

Very good control that ensures precision in the shots even on the plates strings “generous” or not “dense”.
Tests on Pure Aero pulled to 22 kg have responded very well.

The Co Ultra is a competitive mono.
The comfort is not very high even if the static stiffness measured by the team of Stringingpedia is around 0.9 kg/mm that classifies them as medium stiff string.

To be reviewed in terms of tension holding.
The Co Ultra are very performing for the first 4 hours of play (on profiled and aggressive frames like the Pre Aero maybe even an hour less).
After this threshold the string degrades quickly and needs to be replaced.
Excellent for tournaments and where you need a string immediately ready and with high performance.

Below are illustrated the attitudes of the Co Ultra obtained from the measurements of Stringingpedia.MSV Co Ultra 130 AttitudesIn the stringing phase the Co Ultra tend to twist but they have not given me big problems.


MSV Co Ultra 1.30 are high performance tournament strings for a limited period of time.

Super in terms of spin potential, ball exit and control, they form a winning combination with profiled frames and an “open” stringbed (16×19 on a 100-layer stringbed, for example).

We thank Mauve® Sports – MSV for the concession of the strings that we used in our tests.