Pro Kennex Ki 5 320 16×20

ProKennex ki 5 320

The Pro Kennex rackets

Pro Kennex is an Italian company that has always been a forerunner and innovator in the world of racket sports.

In the collective imagination Pro Kennex is known and “branded” as a manufacturer of “curative” frames used mainly in cases of arm problems (for example epicondylitis): nothing could be more wrong!

Let’s start by saying that Pro Kennex rackets are not “medical instruments” and therefore do not directly treat inflammations or other pathologies related to other superiors.

These frames “facilitate” the healing of certain diseases because they allow the tennis player to play without further worsening the situation allowing the natural course of inflammation.

We could therefore define the Pro Kennex frames as prevention tools…but let’s not stop at this concept…the Pro Kennex frames are frames that anyone can use (depending on the level and type of game, there is a solution from the Italian company in the catalogue) and with excellent performance!

Take for example the Ki 5 320, classic mid-size frame with a regular profile decidedly “bad” and oriented to players who like to feel the “weight” of the tool.

The racket

Head size: 100 square inches
String pattern: 16x20
Unstrung weight: 320 grams
Length: 68.5cm
Profile: 22 mm constant
Unstrung balance: 310mm
Static rigidity: 70 ra
Construction materials: spiraltech graphite + kinetic mass
Frame colours: black, yellow and light and dark grey

The frame is equipped with Kinetic Technology and Ionic Technology which, thanks to microcapsules inside the frame filled with Kinetic, help the (almost total) damping of vibrations harmful to the arm and give greater comfort of impact.

Spiral Tech Carbon is the new material of which all the new Pro Kennex products are made and is obtained starting from two different types of graphite (Spiral Graphite and HM Graphite) assembled through the application of a resin used in the aeronautical field called “Epoxy Resin” which increases the cohesion between different fibres and increases strength.

The aesthetics

The main colours of the Ki 5 are yellow, black and silver with an alternation of a shiny effect towards the handle and a matt one towards the head.
The colouring is very sober and elegant but maybe it tastes a little bit old-fashioned.
ProKennex ki 5 320Unquestionably the paints used to colour the frame are of high quality.
The holes dedicated to the knots are clearly indicated, a characteristic that I personally always like very much.

On court

With its 320 grams naked (which become about 340 with strings, overgrip and vibration dampener) and the backward balancing make the Ki 5 like a “monster” of stability while maintaining a fair maneuverability.

I was pleasantly surprised by the net.
The approach to the volee is quite simple and immediate (the backward balancing helps) and the strikes, thanks to the great stability of this frame, are precise and deep.

Excellent also for baseline players as long as they know how to manage the important weight of Ki 5.

It’s a racquet that adapts better to a “flat” game while not compromising access to the rotations.
The strikes are rich in spin, penetrating and it is easy to find depth.
Powerful shots then but hardly out of control.

The back is very good, always taut and never trivial.
The top needs adaptation and is not immediate.

Excellent for the offensive players is instead a bit tough in defensive recoveries.

Excellent the first “flat” service that is played with precision and power.
Also good slice (not immediate) and kick.

Another factor that requires adaptation is the “sound” of strike impact.
Highly recommended the adoption of a vibration dampener that dampens the “metallic” sound of the impact very marked in the Ki 5 and in general in all Pro Kennex frames.

The Kinetic system instead emits a constant “rustle” produced by the displacement of the spheres typical of this technology.
At first you need patience because this rustle could be annoying but, after a few hours of play, the ear gets used to and the “annoyance” ends.
However, the benefits of the Kinetic system are far more important than a little auditory discomfort!


The Ki 5 is a powerful frame for advanced players, with a strong and offensive game, who are looking for a racquet that is “bad” and stable but at the same time comfortable and with very little vibration.
A great frame that is positioned at the top of a hypothetical classification of the 320/325 gram segment.

We thank Pro Kennex who provided us the rackets for our tests.