Stringinging techniques: Sergetti Stringing

Continuing the research dedicated to the effects of progressive stringing, we have, in collaboration with Sergetti, carried out an experiment aimed at determining the effects of the “custom” stringing system, which provides a different scheme of stringing variable from string to string depending on the frame used, the string used and the desired tension.

The reference tension for the central units is once again 24kg but it should be noted that the stringing scheme provides for a sequence of tensions that are not at all trivial to be applied in sequence string by string.

What do we expect from this kind of stringing?

What do we expect from the Sergetti custom pattern?

From what emerges from the comparison with the designers of the “Sergetti-stringing” system, the advantages in terms of enlargement of the sweetspot should be particularly evident as well as the tolerance on off-centre strokes and consequently the precision in the execution phase of the strokes.

From what has been stated it results that the duration of the stringing should be higher as well as the maintenance of the tension that thanks to this balanced method could be up to 2.5 times higher than a stringing of the “standard” type.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • greater power ⇨ greater output angle
  • optimum performance on topspin shots ⇨ less friction between strings ⇨ maximum snap-back
  • increased comfort
  • greater tolerance in the game phase
  • homogenisation of the tensions after a few hours of play
  • shorter duration of the equipment used
  • complexity and duration of the stringing pattern assembly

Sweetspot analysis

Racket used Babolat Pure Drive 2018
String used Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.23
Schema 4 knots with progressive Sergetti Stringinig
Knot overtension +10%
Real tension of the stringbed detected with pro-t-one chromatic S.T.D. 24 kg
Vibration frequency 622Hz
Waiting time 4 hours
Real tension of the stringbed detected with pro-t-one chromatic S.T.D. 23kg ⇨ loss of tension -1kg
Vibration frequency 605Hz
Rated dynamic stiffness of the top of the platter 39.6 DT-CH ⇨ the middle part of the plate: 35.6 DT-CH

From the stringing made with the Sergetti method, the best data on the overall uniformity of the stringbed emerges.
The homogeneous effective tension measured in dynamic terms corresponds to the nominal tension (24kg) and the deviation of the rigidity from that measured in the centre of the plate is the one that achieves the best performance in general terms.

The increase in comfort and enlargement of the sweetspot is perceptible, as well as the increase in comfort during the impact in the upper area of the stringbed, although of course the analytical quantification in a unique way is not possible because there is no standardized method of determining it.