StringLab Alu Tour LB 1.30

Round monofilament studied and designed for advanced players who will be able to make the most of all the features.

Stringlab Alu Tour LB 130

The string

The Alu Tour LB are a monofilament of StringLab, derived from the “sisters” Alu Tour.

Like the Alu Tour, the Alu Tour LB is a round monofilament composed of a mixture of resins added to polyester already rich in metallic ionomers.

Stringlab Alu Tour LB 130 12m

Alu Tour LB are available in gauges 1,15, 1,20, 1,25 and 1,30 mm in silver grey.

On court

As mentioned before we are talking about very “tough” strings, so indicate them to an agonist and well-trained audience.

These strings are tough on both “technical” and physical sides of the arm, especially in the gauge 1.30 (a variant used for our test).
To make the most of it, they require well-trained arms and decisive movements.

For the test we mounted the Alu Tour LB on a Babolat Pure Aero, a profiled and quite aggressive frame.
The tension range recommended by the instrumental tests of Stringpedia is between 18 and 22 kg.
In some tests with the Pure Aero we found a very good return to medium tensions (22 kg strung at 4 knots).Attitudini StringLab Alu Tour LB 1.30Control and Spin are the strengths of the Alu Tour LB.
Even on a frame exuberant as the Pure Aero you can control the shot quite easily and with a good precision.

The spin potential is very high and, if combined with good technique and power, you can produce a ball very “heavy” and always insidious to the opponent.
The verticals slide “naturally” on the horizontal, facilitating and amplifying access to the rotations.

The impact with the ball is “nice full” and the ball output is excellent.
The “sound” of the blow is also beautiful, intense and “full”.

As for the Alu Tour also for the Alu Tour LB we have found an excellent tension retention that makes them playable at high levels up to 8/10 hours (maximum threshold of play beyond which we strongly recommend the replacement of the strings).

The Alu Tour LB are certainly not high comfortable strings but, for this characteristic, they remain in the average of the mono competitive segment.

The measured average static stiffness is equal to 1.13 kg/mm and therefore not excessively rigid in relation to the segment to which it belongs.

During the stringing process, we did not encounter any problems or difficulties during installation.


The Alu Tour LB are the evolution of the Alu Tour from which they inherit the excellent tension retention and improve the attitudes of control, spin and resilience peak.

They have been studied and designed for an agonist public who will be able to make the most of all their characteristics.

Control and spin at the highest levels.

The cost of about 80 euro for a reel of 200 meters makes them very attractive (high value for money).

We thank StringLab (in the person of Luigi Bortone) who provided us the strings for our tests.