StringLab Hydrogen Revo


StringLab Hydrogen Revo

Hydrogen Revo is the new string presented by StringLab, a well-known Italian brand specializing in the production and marketing of material for tennis.

We are talking about a new generation monofilament, born from the ambitious project called StringLab Taiwan Monofil String. The Hydrogen Revo is in fact produced, following clear guidelines of StringLab derived from numerous tests and product analysis, by a top Taiwanese company in the sector that provides all the most important brands.

The string is made of a special polyester and has a circular section, fluorescent green colouring and 1.26 mm gauge.

The price is very competitive: about 8 euros for the 12-meter reel and 80 euros for the 200-meter reel.

On court – The pros

Since the first shots you can see the strong attitude of the Hydrogen Revo to the generation of spin. Access to spin is immediate thanks to an excellent snapback effect that increases the number of RPM of the ball. The result is deep and “safe” trajectories obtained in a natural way and without having to exasperate the technical gesture. The ball arrives in the opponent’s half of the court “heavy” but always under control.

Control is another strength of this string. Even if you push the ball full arm you have the feeling of not losing it and the management of the rallies and trajectories is simple and effective. The progressive plasticization of the Hydrogen Revo increases the perception of control and gives the player maximum confidence during the execution of shots.

Spin, control but also good power and explosiveness. The energy returned is in fact good and does not require a “great” activation to be released. The shots are played, as anticipated, with good depth of the ball without having to reach too far.

The Hydrogen Revo is a monofilament with stiffness that we could define as “medium” (0.78 kg/mm). The result is a pleasant feeling of comfort, especially if strung at low-medium tensions (let’s say approximately around 20 kg depending on the frame on which the strings are mounted). So a comfortable string that does not give up control and spin.

On court – The cons

As we have just seen, we are talking about a balanced string that offers good results in all aptitudes.

The only feature that didn’t fully satisfy me is the tension hold shown by the Hydrogen Revo. The life cycle is in fact around 7 hours of play, which is the average value of the segment the string belongs to but which does not make it emerge, at least from this point of view, from the mass.

Who it is indicated for

The strength of the Hydrogen Revo is its adaptability to the style of play of the tennis player who mounts it on his frame.

With its “medium” stiffness, it is proposed both to a competitive public, which will appreciate its control and spin, and to a more “amateur” public, which will be able to exploit power and control without sacrificing comfort.

If mounted at low tensions it can also become a valid option for a junior competitive public looking for more control and longer life of the string.

Designed primarily for the modern tennis player with a powerful and “spinned” game, it does not preclude a more classic game, made up of “flat” shots and millimetric strokes on the lines.

Testing setups

The tests were performed by stringing the StringLab Hydrogen Revo on:

  • Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore (pulled to 20kg with 10% prestretch)
  • Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore (pulled to 21kg)
  • Babolat Pure Aero 2019 (pulled to 23 kg)
  • Head Graphene Touch Speed S (pulled to 20 kg with prestretch al 10%)
  • Donnay Pro One Penta 97 16×19 Black Edition (pulled to 20 kg)


The StringLab Hydrogen Revo is a very interesting string with outstanding spin, control and power qualities without sacrificing comfort.

They adapt naturally to different styles of play and categories of tennis players while maintaining a strong and competitive soul. However, they express the best when mounted on profiled frames and with “open” string patterns so as to emphasize the attitude of the Hydrogen Revo in the generation of power and rotations.

For instrumental measurements and further information, please refer to the Stringpedia test page, a web portal totally dedicated to the world of tennis strings!

We thank StringLab (in the person of Luigi Bortone) who provided us with the strings for our tests.