StringLab Rip&Curl

Very versatile and competitive multimono launched on the market by StringLab.

Stringlab Rip&Curl

The string

Rip&Curl is the first multimono to be launched on the market by StringLab.

The string has a rough circular section and is composed of nylon/polyamide and a polyurethane core that make it, as sensations of impact, very similar to a multifilament.
The outer coating and the heat treatment with gradual processing give solidity and grip of rotations.

Rip&Curl is available in 1.30 gauge with a yellow fluo colour.

The cost of a 200-metre reel ranges from 70 to 100 euros.

The recommended tension is between 15 and 21 kg.
We recommend climbing a couple of kilos for the profiled frames.

On court

Rip&Curl is an extremely versatile string that adapts to a variety of tennis players and racket frames.

The polyurethane core makes the string “soft” on impact and without excessive shock even for the most delicate articultions while the outer coating and heat treatment with gradual processing give solidity and a discreet grip on the ball.

The power attitude and the resilience peak are excellent and comparable to the multifilament of very good workmanship.

Excellent tension maintenance that allows you to keep a string “alive” until the mechanical breakage (however, we recommend replacing after 20/25 hours of play).

Good control guaranteed by the outer coating and discreet access to the rotations.

These characteristics, together with a very high level of comfort, make the Rip&Curl an adequate choice for different types of tennis players: from under athletes to over players looking for performance but without compromising control, from club players to tournament players who do not have frequent problems of breakage.

Below is a graph of the Rip&Curl attitudes obtained from the measurements made by the Stringingpedia team.StringLab Rip&Curl AttitudesNo problems encountered during the stringing process.

The hybrids

We also tried the Rip&Curl in hybrids, both vertically and horizontally.

On the vertical we have tried them in combination with the multifilament StringLab Top One to make the stringbed even softer and more comfortable.
This choice is particularly suitable for those who have problems with the articulation of the arm, for those under who approach the first tournaments and for those over looking for comfort and performance.

On the horizontal side we have combined them with different monofilaments, including Alu Tour LB, to replace the traditional multi or synthetic ones.
The result is a softer and more comfortable stringbed but with a higher level of control than traditional multi strings.

Also very interesting is the reverse variant where the Rip&Curl, compared to a classic multi, provides better tension maintenance, control and greater resistance to breakage.
Below is a comparative graph obtained by using the “Hybrids” tool of StringLab.
StringLab Rip&Curl and Alu Tour LBThe graph clearly shows how the mono (in the case of Alu Tour LB) completes the characteristics of the Rip&Curl in terms of control and spin, forming a very solid and performing bionomy.


Rip&Curl is an extremely versatile string with excellent performances that adapts to a variety of tennis players and racket frames.

Very good both in fullbed and hybrid mounted (both classic and reverse).

The strengths of the Rip&Curl are the comfort, the resilience peak and the tension maintenance that allows the use until the mechanical breakage of the string.

We thank StringLab (in the person of Luigi Bortone) who provided us the strings for our tests.