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Diadem Nova 100

Diadem Nova 100 The Nova 100 is the "profiled solution" proposed by the American company Diadem. A frame with...

Diadem Elevate 98

Diadem Elevate 98 We know the Diadem brand mainly as a manufacturer of top quality tennis stringsā€¦but in addition...

Diadem Flash

Diadem Flash Diadem Flash is a very balanced monofilament with a round section and composed of co-polyester.

Diadem Solstice Power

Diadem Solstice Power The Diadem Solstice Power is a competitive monofilament based on polyester with high performance and "universal"...

Diadem Evolution

Diadem Evolution Diadem Evolution is a circular section monofilament made of polyamide with a low friction silicone coating.
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