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Differences in stringing pattern comparison

Stringing pattern Very often we talk about 2 knots or 4 knots stringing method. We tried...

Stringinging techniques: Sergetti Stringing

Continuing the research dedicated to the effects of progressive stringing, we have, in collaboration with Sergetti, carried out an experiment aimed at determining the...

Stringinging techniques: 4 knots with progressive tension

In this case, we analyzed what happens when you string a racquet with a progressive tension pattern. In this case, progressively lower tensions were adopted...

Stringinging techniques: 4 knots with differentiated tension

The 4-knots pattern, which provides differentiated tensions between vertical and horizontal, is a widely used solution. The maximum recommended tension difference between "mains" and "crosses"...
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Wilson Kaos 2.0

Wilson Kaos 2.0